Our times and needs are ever changing and to adapt to your need to prioritize your mental health I aim to ensure my services are available across all platforms including online.

For telepsychological services what you would require is:
1. Access to internet and one of the following video applications Zoom, Whatsapp, Skype or 
2. A private space where you feel comfortable to talk. 
3. Having a printer and laptop for activities particularly for children is beneficial but not a necessity. 
4. Craft material for children during teleplay is beneficial but not a necessity. 

Parent child psychotherapy (ages 1 to 5)
Play therapy is a non threatening means to with engage children in their primary language.

"Play is the child’s symbolic language of self-expression and can reveal (a) what the child has experienced; (b) reactions to what was experienced; (c) feelings about what was experienced; (d) what the child wishes, wants, or needs; and (e) the child’s perception of self."
-Garry L. Landreth.

With children my focus is to provide a space for children to engage and explore their emotional worlds but also a space where they are able to engage with their parents or caregivers. Thus this process is twofold where the parents and children are able to meet at a point where they can engage at their most optimal level.
I hope to engage parents or caregivers in understanding and responding optimally to the  temperament/personality of the child. 
Young Children
(6-11 years)
It is my aim to draw the parent or caregiver into the emotional world of the child without compromising the safety of the therapeutic space for the child.

Therefore parent/caregiver and child sessions are also part of this process. This allows the child and parent/caregiver to manage the emotional growth and expression in an age appropriate manner. It extends the therapeutic frame beyond the therapeutic space.
 As it is ultimately the caregiver who seeks therapeutic services for their child. It could also be the case where the child is not willing to engage although the parent/caregiver is.
In the process the primary aim of involving the parents/caregiver in the therapeutic process is to share some skills through modeling, rehearsal, practice, feedback, and homework. This process allows me to offer a didactic service, to increase the care givers understanding of the child.

Due to the legal and financial considerations this practice requires both parents or the legal guardians to give signed consent.
(12-17 years)
Adolescence is a period of great change and personality development. Once an adolescent is over the age of 12 they can consent to engage in therapy.

In this period of development Identity Formation is a crucial part of their development thus they tend to push towards more independence. 

The Health Professions Act of 1974 allows children from age 12 to consent to their own therapeutic process and with this they are given a degree of confidentiality. For this reason therapy with an adolescent would depend on the consent of the client to engage in a therapeutic process.

However there are limits to confidentiality that are circumscribed by the best interest of the child. Thus should the client's wellbeing be at risk due to child abuse, or self-harm or suicide, confidentiality could be broken.
My therapeutic process with adolescents uses a combination of play and talk therapy. The approach is tailored to the needs and preference of the client. 
(18 years and over)
My approach in my adult therapy is holistic. I use my approach in the frame that you would respond best to.

Thus I work individually from various therapeutic models. We explore, engage, and tease out the edgings of your narrative to mould it into your mental well-being that is able to produce your best self.

I work collaboratively from your context both financially and interdisciplinarily. In every aspect your mental health and well-being is my primary objective.

In consultation with you we will embark on your healing journey.