The Intellectual Assessments I offer is geared towards children from 6 years old up to adolescents. The purpose of these assessments could be to gain insight into school performance and a holistic learning and cognitive profile to identify appropriate intervention strategies for example extra lessons, remedial assistance, school placement, occupational therapy, speech therapy etc.

Intellectual assessments illuminates the cognitive strengths and weaknesses of your child.  My standard psychometric battery includes an intellectual and an emotional assessment.  The emotional assessment aids in attaining insights into the emotional world of your child. This allows us to gage what impact for example anxiety or depression could have on their ability to function academically, occupationally and socially. 

Optional Additional
An optional addition to my standard psychometric battery is an educational assessment.  Educational assessments further examine reading, mathematics, writing and oral language.  These assessments pick up specific problems such as mathematics or reading disorders that intellectual assessments cannot.

All assessments include the following:
  • An in-depth history taking to understand the background to and reason for the assessment
  • Psychometric testing
  • A written report
  • A feedback session to discuss findings and recommendations

I currently do not conduct assessments for forensic purposes.
Assessment Process

After contact is made with the client and the referral needs clarified an initial appointment is made.

For children under the age of 12 years old my first interview will be done with the parents or primary care givers or legal guardians of the child. This to obtain any history required for understanding the presentation and difficulties experienced.

My second session would be done with the parents or primary care givers or legal guardians as well as the child. The first half of the session with both the care givers and the child will be present and in the second part of the session the child would spend alone in the therapeutic space for the emotional assessment.

For the third session the Intellectual and optional Educational assessments would be done with the child alone. The assessment could be done across two or more sessions depending on the needs of the child.

After all the assessments have been administered the tests would be scored and interpreted and a report would be drawn up. In the final session the report findings from the assessment would be shared with the primary care givers and recommendations to then support the child would be discussed.